Try Our Complete Tea Brewing System

There is brewing. And there is brewing with style. Our house-built dripper stand perfectly places the tea on a pedestal in plain sight to be admired and wondered at when brewed.

Predicated on our versatile system inspired by the fabled Russian samovar brewing concept, we provide everything you need to make our tea and serve it, fast, saving you work, and letting your customer skip the wait.

Brewing concentrate at our 1-7 ratio allows you to:

– Mix hot and cold drinks right away

– Make significant gains in tea extraction and yield

– Maintain consistency and extend shelf life to up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator

– Delve into all kinds of specialty options, such as ‘frothers’, ‘latteas’, sparkling teas, cocktail mixers, and food flavors.

Just a Few Simple Steps

1 Quart of Concentrate takes just a few minutes to prepare, and can create a wide variety of delicious tea drinks in just a few moments. Delight your customers with quick and efficient service paired with high quality, delicious drinks.

Deliciously Profitable

Complete System Cost up Front: $516 >> Revenue from 1st Order: $5250

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