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Meet the Makers


Caleb has long had a strong entrepreneurial bent; lawn-care, catering, photography, and web-design. among other endeavors. long paid the bills. Caleb found a way to eventually use more of his insuppressible artistic side with the creation of a tea business. A coffee and tea connoisseur himself, his inspiration creates the majority of the blends at Piper and Leaf. Climbing and caving with his wife and being with their kids keeps Caleb not lacking for preoccupation.
Caleb’s Favorite Blend: Capri Cream


Brigette, mother of five, is a writer and photographer, in addition to being the glue that brings Piper and Leaf as as well her family together. Brigette has a curious but exciting inclination toward caving. With the huge creative energy and gourmet sensibility that comes from Brigette, things are always going forward at Piper and Leaf.
Brigette’s Favorite Blend: Healing Honeysuckle


Connor is a doctor of physical therapy who, after stints in Portland, Michigan, Chattanooga, and a year in Alaska, returned to Huntsville to practice. But he also wanted to start a farmer’s market booth with his family. Connor loves all sorts of activities from gardening to trail running and other unique outdoor adventures, which is probably because he loves getting people active and involved in the community in whatever ways possible. Piper and Leaf was in no small part born out of this desire.
Connor’s Favorite Blend: Orchard Peach


Being a teenager at the genesis of Piper and Leaf didn’t keep MaryClaire from taking on huge responsibilities, most notably being in charge of production. An avid runner and, paradoxically, hammocker, MaryClaire finds great outlets in sport — coaching and playing soccer and the outdoors in general. She is always the first to use new blends to make anything from cupcakes to ice cream.
MaryClaire’s Favorite Blend: Pom Pearadise